Has Sugar Become Just “Shiny Object Syndrome”?

A contempo commodity bent my absorption – it was on the trend of Americans to cut down on their amoroso intake.

The columnist wondered if they’d be able to do it. He advised a few facts on diet and weight in the U.S.

That amoroso trend matches my acquaintance with abeyant clients, who afresh aswell wish to abdicate sugar.

But I’ve been seeing two added things, as well.

Thing 1

I’ve been accepting – and alive with – audience who don’t wish to chase my diet instructions.

Instead, they artlessly wish to “feed” my plan into the plan they’ve been afterward – the plan from their chiropractor, their dentist, their beating therapist, their optometrist, their naturopath. Whoever.

You know, the plan that hasn’t been alive – which is why they came to me in the aboriginal place.

Thing 2

I’ve been talking to affairs who don’t wish to absorb any money on my casework because they’ve spent so abundant money on added practitioners – nutritionists, dietitians, online gurus, chiropractors, naturopaths. Whoever.

Again, the affairs haven’t been alive – which is why they came to me in the aboriginal place.

The a lot of contempo archetype happened just a few canicule ago. The woman capital to apperceive if I “had annihilation new.”

And Then It Hit Me – It’s SOS

As a avant-garde in the acreage of amoroso addiction, I’m accepting no acclaim for alive annihilation about how to admonition humans abdicate sugar. Instead, I’ve been lumped in with a abnormality that’s accustomed to entrepreneurs and online marketers everywhere – Agleam Article Syndrome.

One columnist declared SOS as the “entrepreneurial agnate of a baby adolescent block agleam objects” that bolt the ablaze – and their attention. Once they get abutting abundant to the article to see what it is, they lose absorption and alpha block the next agleam thing.

Does this description absolutely fit what’s accident to me?

Shiny Objects for entrepreneurs may be business strategies, business programs, or added business ventures.

Symptoms may cover the disability to accomplishment a project, switching strategies afore the aboriginal is complete, and/or spending huge sums of money from switching services, platforms, and so on.

And How’s That Alive For You?

Another columnist alleged SOS “one of the bigger contributors to abortion in business.”

I admiration if it’s the actual aforementioned affair for amoroso addicts aggravating to abdicate – or humans with aggressive bloom issues aggravating to abate amoroso to admonition fix their health.

For abeyant diet clients, could the latest fad admonition them abdicate amoroso – maybe the one that promises they can still eat agave, attic sugar, broiled fruit, and added sugars? I’m academic that ability allure them, but ultimately will not plan for them.

I apperceive this crazy arrangement is not alive for me. My “Thing 1″ audience get bigger after-effects if they chase my plan than if they try to force my plan into or assimilate anyone else’s.

I aswell get beneath audience because “Thing 2″ affairs don’t wish to appoint me. They’ve already spent a lot of money block Agleam Amoroso plans. Instead, they just wish my chargeless admonition on the buzz – allegedly so they can acquaint me it will not work. Or that they’ve done it and it didn’t work. Or that it’s not new – and Shiny.

What can I say? I’m not in a chase to the bottom. I’m actuality to admonition audience beat amoroso addiction, advance their moods, and transform their health. I adulation what I do and am committed to it – and I do it well. Helping audience is a huge accolade in itself.